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A high quality accounting standard can be considered as one of the most important aspects of running a successful business and every entrepreneur should see it more than just an obligation set by the legislator. Every company is different in their daily business and therefore will often require a different approach to accounting. Whether your company is big or small, a trading enterprise, manufacturing or service provider, a start-up or already well established, our goal remains the same – we act for your better business environment.

Legal and consultation

Companies often find themselves in a situation where their own knowledge base proves insufficient for solving all of their problems. It is only natural that a single company does not possess all the knowledge and information needed for business activity – we are always glad to help, should You need assistance in taxation, labour law, business law or law of obligations. Also in matters such as liquidation of a company, founding a company, mergers and differentiations. We can also represent Your company in tax disputes and other matters where the company`s rights need to be protected.


A regular audit can increase the credibility of your company remarkably. Even if the company`s accounting is in good order, auditing gives a certified guarantee to the owners and business partners, whether they be investors or creditors. Even in the case when it is not mandatory by law for the company to audit their accounts, we would still recommend conducting an internal audit every now and then, whether for a specific account or to verify the whole accounting.